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The procedure for buying and selling a house is not as simple as it may seem. There are very few transactions in one's life in which such a large sum of money is needed and one which is complicated by emotions. It is therefore advisable to receive personal and expert advice from a dependable estate agent.

Mia Makelaar has two agents working, Mia de Beun and Barbara van Duren. They are qualified estate agents and valuer, who have been working in the area of Leiden for more than 25 years. We would like to invite you to make use of our extensive experience and knowledge of the housing market in both your area and ours. Whether you are looking for your dream house or you would like to sell your own house as quickly and profitably as possible - and if you are looking for a dependable and concerned partner who can support you with professional advice, then you are at the right address.

Whatever the reason is for selling your house, it is an advantage to sell your house as quickly and under the best circumstances as possible. Selling a house is more complicated than just putting a for sale sign up in the garden. We guarantee sucess when using our 9 step plan, whereby our common goal is to sell your house as profitably and quickly as possible. Please take a look:

1. tips for selling the house
2. determine the asking price
3. make a written and visual presentation
4. do research
5. put it on
6. arrange viewings
7. negotiating
8. deed of purchase
9. signatures

"Look and you shall find" is true, especially if you know where to look. Mia Makelaar can help you look for and buy your dream house, whilst bearing in mind the financial restraints and pitfalls. Taking an estate agent on board pays off. Firstly, there is the sum of money which you are willing to pay for a house and, because of our long term experience in the Leiden area, we know what a house should cost. Together we can make sure that you wishes come true. Below you will find a summary of the services which Mia Makelaar can offer you:

1. Clarification of wishes
2. Determine the financial starting points
3. Look for a suitable house
4. Information
5. View houses
6. Assess house and documents
7. Negotiations
8. Assess the quality of the building
9. Process the agreement
10. Inspection of the house for the transfer and settle the agreement

A well founded valuation is a very important part of every sale transaction. Also, a good valuation plays an essential role in getting a mortgage, dividing the estate, assessing the accuracy of the council's WOZ rate and for solving possible problems with the tax authorities. We are qualified valuers, and therefore the valuations done by Mia Makelaar are approved by the proper authorities (NWWI and NVRT).